Introduction to Chez

If you'd like to skip the details and go straight to learning how to play, look no further than the Quickstart Guide . If you'd like a little background on Chez, please read on.

Foreword from a Founder

Since its creation, then just a mad mess made by four sleep-deprived, hyperactive people, I have tried my best to sculpt Chez into something playable. The rules might seem random, complicated, unnecessarily detailed, even, and they are; but the truth is that behind every intricacy is another fold of strategy waiting to be uncovered. Ultimately, this game is about finding those strategies, about calculated risk, about adapting to your circumstances, and sometimes, when everything lines up just right, catching a glimpse of that mad, feverish spirit of Chez still living, grinning through the polish. I hope you enjoy, and good luck. May the spirit of Chez peer through your eyes.